Your Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Experts

Trust us for professional vent hood cleaning services in the Longview or Henderson, TX area

Inadequate kitchen exhaust cleaning can leave your system laden with flammable buildup, putting your facility at risk of fire. Degrease LLC Commercial Exhaust Services has a comprehensive solution to restore safety and peace of mind in the Longview & Henderson, TX area. Our kitchen exhaust cleaning process adheres to NFPA 96 structural, safety, and frequency requirements. With our professionals servicing your vent hood, you can rest assured that you have a safe work space.

Call 903-240-6056 to schedule vent hood cleaning services or simply fill out the request form.

How we clean vent hoods

Do you need professional cleaning services? We'll:

  • Cover your entire kitchen in a protective plastic
  • Use scraping tools to remove the bulk of hard grease
  • Mix strong cleaning detergents to remove stuck-on grime
  • Use our power washers to rinse away the cleaning solution
  • Apply a certification sticker to the vent hood for the fire inspector

If you request cleaning services, we'll send your information straight to one of our techs in the field. Once you're established as a client, you'll have access to our client hub to view current and past jobs, request services and make changes to services. Contact us now to schedule your cleaning.