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Based out of Longview, TX, Degrease LLC Pressure Washing Service provides commercial pressure washing services throughout all of eastern Texas and western Louisiana. Take a look at our overview of services below:

Vent Hood Cleaning

We'll begin by conducting a damage survey. We'll then remove the grease filters and exhaust fans. After this, we'll pretreat and pressure wash the fan, ducts, vent hood and grease filters. We'll reinstall the fan and grease filters, polish all stainless-steel surfaces, apply a certification sticker and leave you with a clean and safe vent hood!

Concrete Cleaning

Dirty or greasy concrete affects the appearance, cleanliness and safety of all commercial properties. Fortunately, we can handle all your concrete pressure washing needs. Using a high-pressure application that is safe around your facility, we'll clean away all of that unsightly buildup and restore the appearance of your facility's concrete.

Dumpster Pad Cleaning

Dumpster pads can often be unsightly and just plain gross. It's nobody's fault - it's just the nature of that area. Mold, algae, grease and all sorts of grime collect on the floor and walls of most dumpster pads. This is especially true if your facility handles food! Concrete pressure washing is the surefire solution to this problem. We'll clean away all of that buildup with a high-pressure application and restore the appearance and sanitation of your dumpster pad area.

Fleet Washing

We offer commercial pressure washing services for trucks, equipment and more. We'll have your vehicles looking just as clean as they did before their first thousand miles. We even offer touchless and deep cleaning options.

Window Cleaning

Nothing adds to the shine of a freshly cleaned building like a professional window wash. Our glass cleaning pros will have your windows sparkling again in no time. You can purchase window cleaning as a standalone service or bundle it with an exterior soft wash for an even better value!

Roof Cleaning

A clean roof not only improves your commercial building's appearance, but actually prolongs the life of that roof as well. Don't try this at home though! We have the knowledge and expertise needed to safely clean away the unsightly and potentially costly buildup sitting right above your head.

It's easy to see how we've earned our reputation as a premier commercial pressure washing company. Call today to discuss your needs with a friendly local pro.